Twitter (TWTR) to Live Stream First NFL Game This Week


NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Social networking giant Twitter (TWTR) will live stream its first NFL game on Thursday night of this week. Twitter and the NFL announced the $10 million deal in April.

In Twitter's first broadcast deal the company will be allowed to live stream 10 NFL games during the 2016 season.

"They actually got a good deal, it's the Jets and the Bills by the way. They got 10 games that they can stream on CBS' (CBS) feed on its mobile app and website," Fox Business Network's Ashley Webster said on "Varney and Company" Tuesday morning.

Webster believes the million dollar per game deal is "actually a bargain," arguing that the NFL could have gotten more money. However, the NFL is looking for new ways to reach an audience that has cut the cord.

Webster is more curious about how Twitter is going to leverage this deal.

"Are you going to be able to sell big time video ads to go along with it, to make it worthwhile?," Webster questioned. He called this a "big test" for Twitter, adding that it may also be a turning point.

This is also an important move for the NFL as it tries to hang onto millennial viewers, FBN's Steve Cortez chimed in. Cortez noted that the older generation of NFL watchers will sit down to enjoy a full three-hour football game, while most millennials do not.